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Your townhouse in a mediterranean village. At the amazing island of Sicily.

Your townhouse in a mediterranean village. At the amazing island of Sicily.

Delivery on 2024


Access breathtaking beauty for a peaceful escape or picnic.


A nature national park at a walking distance from your doorstep.


Amazing mediterranean coastline just minutes away.

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About Sicily

Eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean, the gorgeous island of Sicily continues to seduce with its dazzling diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures.

Sicily’s varied landscape makes a dramatic first impression. Fly into Catania and the smoking hulk of Etna greets you; arrive in Palermo and it’s the sparkling Golfo di Castellammare. This juxtaposition of sea, volcano and mountain scenery makes a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities. Hikers can wind along precipitous coastlines, climb erupting volcanoes and traipse through flowery mountain meadows; birders benefit from the plethora of species on the Africa-Europe migration route; and divers and swimmers enjoy some of the Mediterranean’s most pristine waters. Whatever your personal predilections, Sicily and its dozen-plus offshore islands offer enough activities to build an entire vacation around.

Sicily in photos

Sicily: discover it with us

A dive into Sicily, where a sea of art, culture and nature will seduce you and become eternal love. A predominantly hilly and mountainous area, but one that wins the hearts of tourists from all over the world with its wonderful sea and rich cities with a charm all their own. Sicily is a picture-postcard island characterised by the indelible marks of the people who have lived there and made it unique, amidst artistic and cultural testimonies of enormous value.

About Campofelice

As the name suggests Campofelice is a happy place with green nature and mediterranean wonders.

The town sits on the top of one of the most beautiful Sicilian areas, just steps away from rolling hills and green mountains, the mediterranean sea is on eyesight, and the fresh pure air flows into your lungs.

Hike the Morabita mountain in the village doorstep, camp or stay for some moments at the top for breathtaking views of Sicily all the way until Mount Etna. Drive down towards buzzing Palermo or towards the coast for amazing mediterranean beaches and towns. Situated in one Sicily’s crossroads (SS121) you will be in a favorable position to reach the best this idyllic island has to offer.

With the main facilities located at the central main street, large and narrow streets lead to the houses around the center towards the edge of the city. Restaurants and bars with the best of Italian cuisine can be found among several areas of the village. Beautiful belvederes, fields, pools*, leisure areas and wineries surrounding the town.

Paradise Village is an ideal place for those who want to work remotely balancing all the perks of a big city nearby, community of a small city and leisure of a touristic area. Ideal for those who want to unplug, and for those who want to connect with others and themselves.

The Houses

The Paradise Village is composed of townhouses full of Sicilian character, historic flair and comfortable spaces.

The houses in the village have many backgrounds, from family housing, to barns, caring at its DNA an amazing history and character. The properties are being restored to maintain its heritage but also to host comfortable and modern spaces within. They are usually 2 or 3 stories high, ranging from 70 to 120 square meters, with or without gardens.

Why invest in the Paradise Village?

A world of mediterranean wonders awaits you.
Bring your residence and have
7% (retirees) or up to 2.3%
(professionals) of income tax.


World famous coastline just 35 min away. From buzzing beaches such as Mondello Beach to hidden gems such as Baia dei Francesi Beach.


At the village you'll find markets, a pharmacy, local fairs and stores. For extra shopping the biggest mall in Sicily is just 29min away.

Fresh Air

Enjoy the best air quality the world has to offer

Coworking Spaces

600 sqm of fully equipped coworking spaces for your meeting and remote work.


Have at your disposal a fully equipped cinema at the village culture center.


The village offers bike rentals for you to explore the village surroundings.


Have at your disposal 2 pools and barbecues areas (kiosks) overlooking wineries, the hills and the sea.

Language Classes

Have access to Italian classes with locals.

Wifi & 5G

The village, its houses, coworking and leisure areas are fully equipped with fiber internet and 5G signal.

24h Emergency

A 24h emergency team is at your disposal to attend your needs and/or direct you to the nearest hospital.


World famous cannolis, iconic pastas, fresh ricotta and much more. From restaurants to agriturismos, from the village vegetable gardens to your table.


Engage with an international community at the city bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Sports Fields

Have at your disposal football, Padel and volley fields.


The village is equipped with a nursery, playgrounds and baby center.

ATM & Post Services

The village is equipped with a post office and ATM.


Fully equipped gym for your training.

Timings displayed follow both current and the projected distance after works on the local access to Campofelice and works on national route (SS121) are finalized (due first trimester of 2024). Current timings are on average 37% higher.

Rich culture of a historic buzzing city
Palermo Forum
The biggest commercial
center in Sicily
Aspra Coast
The mediterranean coast
just minutes away
Charming beach
town over the sea
Endless trails and
picnic spots to discover
Taste amazing
artesanal wines
Iconic mediterranean
style beach
Relax by the
Out of this world
coastal beauty
The largest collection of
greek sites outside of Greece
Where tradition and famous beauty meet by the sea.
Connection with
european major cities

and much more

European travelling distances


Flight to Barcelona


Flight to London


Flight to Rome


Flight to Paris


Flight to Malta


Need an extra
reason to join?

What about being at
an Italian culinary hub?

Ricotta, Sweets & Meat heaven

Agriculture is an important source of income in the area. The farms, almost all family-owned, are spread over an area of about 35 square kilometers and devoted to cereal cultivation, dairy and livestock. Local ricotta, pecorino and sausage are particularly prized.

Typical products coincide with those of the Mediterranean tradition: fresh and dry sausage, veal and pork, pecorino and caciocavallo cheeses, fresh or dry and salted ricotta, olive oil, wine, fruits and vegetables. Also appreciable is the production of sweets, the famous Cannoli among them. Particularly appealing are the “Cucciddata” (Buccellati) of figs, almonds or Zuccata and various cookies made according to ancient recipes.

In the past, wealthy people set up canteens in their homes full of dishes, the “tavulate,” which were eaten by the locals, invited for the occasion. To this day, the tradition of feasting on the feast of St. Joseph is cherished in the village.

Within the village, and among its surrounding, restaurants, bakeries, bars, and ‘agroturismos’ serve amazing dishes made with Km Zero ingredients. Everything accompanied with authentic local artisanal wines.

Now let's talk numbers

Up to 38% Annual Return Expected.

Paradise Village is your chance to access the premium side of a market in the early stages of a self-sustaining upswing.

Have up to 200% of ROI on sale. Receive up to 38% yearly ROI in rental. 

Have a monthly cost of 59€ to use the pools, sports fields, theater/cinema, nursery, gym, and coworking.

Click here to discover all the costs you’ll have when buying your house at Paradise Village.

Property tax ranges from 0.4% to 0.7% of fiscal value, depending on location and property type. There is no wealth tax in Italy. Individuals are exempt of capital gains tax five years after the purchase. If the property is sold within five years capital gains are taxed at 20%.







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Who is behind
Paradise Village?


After living in Brazil, USA, UK and France, other than travelling to many others countries, Reyton nomad’s DNA came alive. The idea started as a way of connecting his 3 passions – real estate security, community and free lifestyle – making it available for him and others. By using his academic background, life-work experience, brazilian entrepreneurship spirit, and tech passion, Paradise Village was born.


Sicilian DOC, Gianfranco after living in other cities in Italy and Europe returned to his hometown to help imprint a fresh and contemporary flair into this idyllic location. A local leader at Paradise Village he assists with the city connectivity, remodeling management, and properties.

Culture Leader

Born and raised near Milan but in love with Sicily since childhood. That is why, when she started college, she decided to move here.

She studied archaeology but is passionate about nature and hiking. With family links to the village Stefania Candeo is Paradise Village culture leader, organizing and managing Campofelice, and its surroundings, history, leisure and touristic features.

Bring your business to Campofelice and receive incentives

  • Tax exemption
  • Free corporate address
  • Discounted access to coworking
  • Governmental funding