Village Aesthetic

Project Progress 39%

Delivery: Jan24

Funding: Private & Public

Via private and public funding the village is receiving an aesthetic improvement to reach its beauty potential. Works are being performed in house facades, graphic murals, greenery, streets maintenance, and more.

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Sport Areas

Project Progress 42%

Delivery: Aug24

Funding: Public PNRR

The village will host a football field, a volleyball court and a padel court with its relatives’ dressing rooms and support areas. The development is already approved by the EU/IT (PNRR fund) and is underway to substitute the current structures.

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Work & Leisure Areas

Project Progress 45%

Delivery: Mar24

Funding: Private

The village will host a fully equipped gym, a condominium-type cinema and a 600 sqm coworking space to receive companies and individuals that are currently being prepared to receive the improvements in 2023 second semester.

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Road Access

Project Progress 63%

Delivery: Dec23

Funding: Public Regione Sicilia

Both the regional road (leading to Palermo and Agrigento) and the local access to the village are receiving improvement works that will ensure more safety and a faster access to the surrounding areas, shortening in 37% (avg.) the current timings.

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