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Proceed with the payment

Select the house, select its eventual remodeling. Pay the signal (which includes the project fee and 10% of the house value), then sign and pay the deed (90% of the house value). Receive your property registry. Every three months we will send you updates on the stage of the village.


Enjoy your property

From summer 2024 or before you will have your property ready to live in or rent it at paradise village.

What is included in the displayed price?

Included: House price, property consultation, estate agent fee, and legal.

Not Included: Property purchase taxes (2%*), remodeling, notary fees (€990), project fee (€1200), and land registry.

Extra Services: Property Management (15%-30% over performance*), local registry representation (€290), Realtor (€500-700), property remodeling management (€30/h or property-dedicated package price).

*Property Management: 15% for cleaning, check-in/out, and maintenance management. 30% for all services included (cleaning, check-in/out, and maintenance, hosting, and platform management).

When buying a house in Italy, there are costs and fees that buyers need to consider. Here is a list of some of the main expenses:

  • Property purchase tax (Imposta di Registro): This is a tax on the purchase price of the property, which is typically between 2% and 9% of the property value. The exact amount depends on several factors, including whether the property is classified as a first home or a second home.
  • Notary fees: A notary is required to certify the legal transfer of ownership of the property. Notary fees can vary but are typically around 1-2% of the property value.
  • Agent fees: Real estate agents in Italy typically charge a commission of 3-5% of the property value. In the Paradise Village case the estate agent fee is already included into the house price.
  • Land registry tax (Imposta Catastale): This is a tax on the registration of the property with the land registry, which is usually around 0.9% of the property value.
  • Legal fees: It’s recommended to hire a lawyer to assist with the purchase process, and legal fees can vary depending on the complexity of the transaction. In the Paradise Village case we already provide legal support within your purchase, but you are free to request assistance from a lawyer of your choice.
  • Remodeling: The estimated cost per square meter is €500 for aesthetic/basic renovations, €700 for standard renovations, and €1000 for extensive renovations (all prices are subject to review for each project).

Overall, the total cost of buying a property in Italy can vary depending on several factors, including the property value, location, and the specific services and fees involved. We at Paradise Village already did the hard work for you at every house so you have the best experience in the purchase process.